Sustainable Communities Initiative

BY David Doig Foundation

Children and young people in the UK today are suffering huge damage to their health and wellbeing due to the lack of outdoor play and activities or a lack of engagement and connection with nature. Compared to previous generations, children’s lives have sadly become incredibly restricted, sedentary and indoors-focused, undermining both their mental and physical health due to traffic-dominated neighbourhoods, poor urban planning, the proliferation of electronic devices and a lack of parks, green spaces and other accessible high quality natural spaces. 

SCI work at grass-roots level with community groups, disadvantaged families, young people and schools, focusing on nature connection, empowerment and creativity by learning traditional skills; helping communities come together and transforming waste. Their work develops skills such as mindfulness, meditation, creative writing and nature-based crafts, educating and encouraging people to live in a more sustainable way. 

DDF is delighted to continue to support this key education initiative.  

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