Vision and Objectives

No child's educational success should be limited by their socio-economic or geographical background.  Education-related inequalities have an impact over a person's life-span, not just in childhood. 

The David Doig Foundation believes that access to education should be available to everyone regardless of their circumstances, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their true potential.

As outlined in David's story, not everyone has David's determination and self-belief to succeed in life and many need a helping hand to unlock potential.

The Foundation will support a broad range of activities - in Scotland and worldwide - that will enable disadvantaged young people to access educational opportunities, build aspirations and help to transform lives.  This could be around building confidence and self-esteem to enable a return to education, providing opportunities and access to activities that might not otherwise be available to young people due to their circumstances, or for work with children who are at risk of or have been excluded from mainstream education.

It is important that David’s qualities, his values, his beliefs and most of all – his memory - will live on.  By helping to transform lives, The David Doig Foundation will build a lasting memorial to David’s energy, dedication and passionate belief in education and helping others.  Click here to learn about the Causes the Foundation will support.

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