Study Buddies - Positive Help

BY David Doig Foundation

The David Doig Foundation is pleased to continue in 2023 and 2024 to support Positive Help, which runs the Study Buddies service providing children and young people - living with or affected by a diagnosis of HIV/Hepatitis C - with around 60 weekly 1:1 supported study sessions with a trained volunteer.  

Many of the children and young people are young carers, from low-income families, living in crisis, have experienced domestic violence, witnessed substance abuse, and are disengaged and falling behind with school life. Volunteers are trained and carefully matched, based on strengths and interests, with the young person to provide a safe and supportive environment away from home to support their individual learning using creative age-appropriate methods to engage them with literacy, numeracy, their wider learning, and working with them to identify a potential career or further education pathways.  The children gain a supportive, consistent relationship which provides stability.

As one of the Study Buddy volunteers said, "It's not about changing a child's life, it's about putting your thumb on the scale and tipping the day in their favour, even just a little bit." 

Volunteers also provide emotional support, coping strategies, and an outlet for the young person to confide and have respite from their challenging home life. The volunteers become their trusted mentors, confidants and role models, building confidence and resilience, and enabling the young person to focus on their future and realise their potential. 


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