Denis Law Legacy Trust

BY David Doig Foundation

Denis Law Legacy Trust supports disadvantaged and at risk young people in Aberdeen. Primarily they deliver their work through their flagship Streetsport programme, which supports young people at risk or experiencing disadvantage and focuses on improving their employability and future pathways, providing ‘pop up’ sport activities with positive role models and additional support pathways in the most deprived areas in the city.

The David Doig Foundation is delighted to continue its ongoing support for funding a Streetsport Assistant position within the charity. This position helps deliver their free of charge Streetsport sessions. It is needed now more than ever as they’ve seen dramatically increasing demand for their work following the pandemic, due to the closure of other clubs and the increased pressures faced by young people. The Streetsport programme delivers youth led sessions which build confidence, resilience, and wellbeing, and the staff at these sessions are build strong and trusting relationships with the young people to support them onto more positive pathways. They also help the young people to contribute positively to their family and community, and it vastly improves their employability and further education outlooks. They also have seen reductions in anti-social behaviour locally in areas they work and hope to continue to contribute to these community benefits through their ever growing Streetsport project. 


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