Connect Community Trust

BY David Doig Foundation

Connect Community Trust are a Glasgow based charity, working to support people experiencing disadvantage through unemployment, in work poverty, or lack of opportunity, or living in an area that has been disproportionately affected by low income, benefit cuts, and more recently the pandemic. They provide opportunities for individuals to socialise and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, as well as signposting to specialist support. 

Their services are open for all people in the community, from toddlers through to activities for older adults, but in this instance, they have been awarded a grant from the David Doig Foundation in support of their Connect & Aspire project. The project, which was initially postponed due to covid restrictions, supports young people aged 14-16 from a local secondary school who are receiving alternative provision due to being care experienced, having learning disabilities and difficulties, having difficult home lives, and are otherwise struggling with mainstream schooling. The project aims to improve their opportunities by providing work placement experiences, skill development, training and SCQF awards. Young people will have the option to undertake placements in areas of their interest, which will also be supported by transferable skills training as First Aid, Health & Safety, Food Hygiene, and so on. In addition to work placements and training, these young people will be given the opportunity to decide on an issue that they feel is important to them and develop an idea around this, whether it be a video, information leaflet or event, to help further develop their skills, confidence, and ambition for the future. 

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