Check In Works

BY David Doig Foundation

CheckIn Works in Perth supports job seekers with complex needs such as learning disabilities, autism and mental ill health - who face barriers into the workplace - to work strategically towards gainful employment and to make the transition into meaningful work. They achieve this by providing relevant supported work experience, vocational, employability & life skills and personal development in their popular businesses - a walled garden in Perth and placements in hospitality and catering through its two cafés and busy kitchen run by its trading arm, Giraffe Trading.  The David Doig Foundation funding will enable 28 trainees and volunteers to undertake formal horticultural learning, training and employability skills at their own pace in a relaxed and therapeutic environment.  They will cultivate a range of fruit, vegetables, plants and shrubs to sell to the public and local businesses using the Royal Horticulture Scotland's 'Grow and Learn' programme.

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