Benefitting Future Careers in the Oil & Gas Industry - Edinburgh College

BY David Doig Foundation

The purchase and installation by the David Doig Foundation of specialist wireless instruments within the instrumentation, measurement and control department at Edinburgh College's Midlothian Campus has introduced a new technology for Scotland’s oil & gas apprentices to experience. This type of technology, which is becoming much more popular within the energy sector, has made a big difference as it gives the apprentices of the future a unique chance to practice, learn and understand this system before they arrive at their industrial worksite. 

The new equipment has been used this year by 32 OPITO oil & gas trainees plus an additional 30 full time students, none of whom have used this before.  This will become a standard part of the curriculum for around 100 students per year.

Students Jonathan and Neil said – “There have been dramatic advances in the instrumentation technology used by the oil & gas industry in the last few years. As students in the field of engineering being able to both study and work with the most up to date industry devices really improves our skills, and this opens up so many more opportunities for employment and advancement. We are really grateful for the help in allowing us to be able to experience this technology on our instrumentation and control course at Edinburgh College.”


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