Anyone for Tennis? Award made to the Judy Murray Foundation

BY David Doig Foundation

The Judy Murray Foundation opened in 2017, with the aim of making tennis accessible to people in disadvantaged and rural parts of Scotland. They train local people (parents, volunteers, teachers, youth leaders and young people) to develop tennis coaching, fun sessions and competitions in their own areas, encouraging the development of grassroots community led programmes, to encourage children, young people and adults to be more active. They support over 2000 people a year across their programmes.

With the support from the David Doig Foundation, The Judy Murray Foundation will be able to run 6 ‘Youth Tennis Leader’ sessions for 25 young people aged 14-16, and 4 community events for 100 during the course of 2021 in Coatbridge.

The children and young people on the ‘Youth Tennis Leader’ course will learn how to lead and present activities to other people in their community in schools, parks, and public courts. This is a great opportunity for these young people to gain skills, as well as developing self-esteem, confidence, and a real sense of achievement as individuals. The course, which has been developed with input from the young people in the community as well as schools, parents, and community leaders, will equip the young people with skills in problem solving, communication, teamwork, and leadership, all whilst learning practical sports coaching skills which will leave a lasting legacy in the area.

The community events will begin to break down the social and economic barriers to taking part in sport in the local area, especially after increased isolation during lockdown, by promoting the use of green spaces, parks, playgrounds, and other facilities which are free to access. They will also focus on building a sense of belonging and identity for those taking part – people will have a chance to connect with their community, engage in fun and free activities, and gain a sense of ownership in their area.

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