Sustainable Communities Initiatives (SCI)

BY David Doig Foundation

Sustainable Communities Initiatives (SCI) works with people of all ages promoting social and environmental sustainability and resilience.  The David Doig Foundation is supporting the delivery of “Natural Connections”, a 12 month programme for 8 to 12 year old children who are struggling at school.   This project will bring together the skills of an experienced outdoor educator who draws inspiration from indigenous cultures and animals, and children who will benefit from having some individual attention, small group-work experience and the chance to feel more confident, raise self-esteem, feel more able to communicate their needs, feeling calmer in stressful situations, as well as being clearer about their own strengths and talents. One of the participants in the pilot group (a boy who is considered very challenging at school said whilst at the group "I don't normally want to behave, but I do today”. The children are encouraged to think about ways that they can continue the positive aspects of the experience at home and how they can share their new skills and knowledge with their family and friends.

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