OutLET Play Resource CIC

BY David Doig Foundation

OutLET: Play Resource is a Hamilton-based organisation founded in 2016, providing forest school and outdoor learning programmes. Their aim is to improve health and well-being and build resilient, confident young people through their work. 

They have been awarded their first grant from the David Doig Foundation towards their Outdoor Alternative Education project. This is a weekly outdoor programme which supports young people aged 10-16 who, for a range of reasons, are struggling to engage in education placements and are at risk of leaving education without any formal qualification. They support up to 6 young people at a time, and provide outdoor learning experiences whilst also supporting these at risk young people to achieve their Forest and Outdoor Learning Award - a recognised SCQF qualification. The small groups will allow the session leaders to build effective relationships and provide tailored support for each individual young person, understanding their barriers and challenges in education, and supporting their unique needs.  

The opportunity to engage in learning in an environment outside of the classroom will help the young people increase their confidence in their own ability to achieve and give them new belief in their own abilities and aspirations for the future. This experience will have a positive impact, including in their education and their wider lives, supporting the young people who take part to reach a more positive future. The programme will additionally encourage respect for natural greenspaces, which research has shown can help to reduce antisocial behaviour in certain age groups and will be a positive attitude for the future.


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