Move On

BY David Doig Foundation

Move On in Glasgow supports people affected by homelessness and vulnerable young people who have been in care, or not engaged in education, training or employment - with literacy being the main focus of their employability programmes.  The David Doig Foundation funding will help to deliver a creative writing workshop for ten vulnerable young people aged 16+ who are not engaged in education with the aim of unlocking their creativity and encouraging them to write on themes and topics that engage their interest to help them learn how to express themselves better.  At the end of the programme, they will hold a celebration event, attended by a local author, to showcase the writings produced.  Tutors emphasise the creative aspects of literacy to encourage young people to put their thoughts and feelings on paper.  What is often thought of as “anti-social behaviour” often results from frustration at not being able to express themselves effectively.  A creative writing programme will help overcome the barriers to improving literacy and enable tutors to engage in more intensive one-to-one work with individuals in need of additional support.  This, in turn, will help them to complete forms, CVs etc, enabling them to access education and employment opportunities. 

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