New Awards Announced for 2023

BY David Doig Foundation ON 06/03/23

I am pleased to announce this year's new awards to the following extremely worthy charities and organisations to support the amazing work that they do to help others who just need a helping hand............

Breathing Space (Karele) - using Equine Facilitated Activites and Learning to make lasting, positive change in young people's motivation, education, confidence and self-efficacy, to enable school re-engagement, and improve quality of life and future pathways.

Mentoring Services (Move On) - as well as mentoring which will enable young people to achieve aspirations, to access and sustain education, skills development, training and employment opportunities - the programme will deliver a creative writing programme which will help in expression

Developing Rural Skills (Lucky Ewe) - the formation of a newly accredited qualification in animal husbandry, land management and environmental improvement.

Developing a New Booklet (The Ridge) - 8-12 pupils from Dunbar Primary  will learn about nature, growing fruit, vegetables and flowers and produce a small booklet for the local community detailing herbs and flowers growing in their health and wellbeing apothecary garden.  

Developing a New Education Resource (Sustainable Communities Initiative) - 2 teenage trainees will design and deliver an educational resource for children aged 7-12 years old which will be based on a nature connecting game.  Potentially 7200 young people will benefit from this new resource.

More detail on all of the above projects can be found by clicking here

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