Butchers Lead the Way

BY David Doig Foundation ON 12/11/18

Scotland loses a full double decker bus size of people each week from a Cardiac Arrest ... but with knowledge of CPR and having a Defibrillator to hand this can be vastly reduced.  David's untimely death galvanised Iain and Pam Hunter, owners of popular Kinross butchers, to kick-off the Kinross Heart Start Project which resulted in a huge community fundraising initiative and the first Defibrillator being installed outside their shop - as well as organising free CPR training for the town's residents. 


But why stop there?  As butchers are at the heart of town/village centres, Pam was then inspired to target and encourage fellow butchers all over Scotland in the hope that more defibrillators will be placed in high streets up and down the country.  So far, a  massive 85 butchers are taking part and community fundraising, with 20 new defibrillators already fitted and in use. 


For every life that passes something beautiful remains.....thank you Pamela and Iain for taking such a sad and sudden personal event and turning it into a tremendously worthwhile and life-saving cause.  You are truly inspirational!

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