A Lovely Visit

BY David Doig Foundation ON 03/12/18

A lovely visit was made to meet the staff and chat to the pupils of Dunedin School, Edinburgh recently - to find out how the David Doig Foundation funding is helping the pupils at the school.  Dunedin School is an alternative to mainstream secondary schooling in Edinburgh and is described as a ‘second chance school’. The school has an excellent track record in its work with children who can’t cope with mainstream education and has a high success rate of pupils who leave school with decent qualifications and many go on into university or employment.  Pupils at the school present with issues and difficulties such as social communication disorders (e.g. Asperger, autism); specific learning disorders (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia) and behavioural difficulties arising from domestic trauma or dysfunction. The timetable at the school is carefully constructed to provide a curriculum that suits each individual as closely as possible and caters for any specific learning needs. The teaching groups are carefully considered to create a calm learning environment in which the pupils can reap maximum benefit.

Grateful thanks to the staff of this very special school who arranged the visit.

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