The GK Experience

BY David Doig Foundation

The GK Experience aims to support and improve opportunities for vulnerable young people. The organisation offers youth drop in sessions three times a week in the most disadvantaged communities in Glasgow including Milton and Possil.   Funding from the David Doig Foundation will be used to assist the organisation in continuing to run its snowboarding outdoor residential experience in Aviemore.    The three day outdoor residential experience will give vulnerable young people the opportunity to build their confidence, resilience and leadership skills. It also allows them to participate in a sport that they would not normally be able to access due to the high costs.   The residential experience pilot in 2017 proved very successful with 25 young people participating.  Motivated by their enjoyment of the experience up to 15 individuals agreed to join the organisation’s Young Leaders Programme. The Young Leaders Programme aims to encourage these individuals to provide peer support and guidance to other young people.

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