Post Covid Update, David Doig Foundation announces new funding allocations for 2021

BY David Doig Foundation ON 31/03/21

Like everyone and everything, 2020 the year of Covid restricted the ability of the David Doig Foundation to award funds to any organisations.  Post-Covid, the Foundation is delighted to announce that it has awarded grant funding to the following new education and skills initiatives for 2021 -

  • Judy Murray Foundation
  • Linkliving
  • Sustainable Communities Initiatives

And will continue to support and fund the excellent work of the

  • Denis Law Legacy Trust

It will also continue to fund the David Doig STEM Scholarship at Edinburgh College for which applicants will be interviewed in November 2021 and invited to follow in the very successful footsteps of Ladislav Horvath, the STEM scholar of 2018/19 and Kayla Ho, the STEM scholar of 2019/20.

For more information on all these initiatives, please refer to the detail in ‘Beneficiaries’

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